Welcome to Dejon in the Cloud!

1 minute read

Hello, and welcome to my personal website and blog! I am a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). I created Dejon in the Cloud as a platform to write about my personal techy projects and post resources I’ve found helpful during development. I understand the frustration of trying to fix bugs and errors or just trying to find a starting point - hence, trying not to tilt - so my goal with this site is for my posts to be a resource to other developers, as I’ve found such posts to be extremely helpful for my projects.

Here are a few projects I’m currently working on and will be writing about soon:


An app experimenting with sports data using a serverless architecture. Goal is to have a system that tracks and displays sports data per player, team, or an individual’s Yahoo fantasy team.


A project for creating an IoT beverage dispenser that can create drinks based on the liquids provided. Will be app controlled and have recommendation logic integration.


Tinkering with the iRobot Create 2. Goal is to get hands-on with robotics and the integration with AWS services.